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Flipped Lit Projects - Post-conference materials

Marie-Hélène FASQUEL strikes again :-)

with an impressive panel of guests

After her latest highly successful webinar "Experimenting with the Flipped Classroom" on January 12th 2015 with Russell Stannard ( as her host, Marie-Hélène asked me for a break before she would offer us another webinar.

The reason was that she had moved from the north of France to Brittany where she had been able to land a new job as a language and literature teacher at the well-known Lycée International Nelson Mandela in Nantes.

Thus - understandably - she needed some time to get to grips with the new situation and to launch a new project that she might be able to present and add to her remarkable BIO.

As the webinar highlighted, she seems to have dedicated her time to good use, accomplishing excitingly to ENGAGE her students.

This rings a bell with me, as I remember Mark PRENSKY's tenet:


the link to the recording of the webinar

the presentation of the speaker as a PDF-file

the relevant links from the chat : see below

Even more than those that were present (50 people in the room) had registered and will receive this post-conference infomail, so that they can access the recording at a time that might suit them better: 130 people from 22 different countries : - )

Argentina - Chile - Czech Republic – Estonia – France –
Georgia - Germany - Great Britain – Greece – Italy –
Macedonia - Mexico – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal -
Romania - South Africa – Spain – Togo – Turkey –
United States of America - Uruguay

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Marie-Hélène FASQUEL will deal with the same subject in French towards the end of November, with authors of books in French language:

E4.122-0256: Enseigner la littérature autrement avec les TICE

Intervenante: Marie-Hélène Fasquel
Modération: Stephanie Wössner & Christophe Jaeglin
30. 11. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
lien d'accés:
Ce webinaire comprendra :
  • Le compte-rendu d’un projet collaboratif avec un auteur américain,
  • De divers projets d’écriture d’invention,
  • Le partage de sites utiles pour l’étude de la littérature,
  • Des ressources pour la classe inversée.
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Inscription avec interface en langue française

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