Dienstag, 1. September 2015

Free webinar with Marie-Hélène FASQUEL: Flipped lit projects. Engaging literature students!

  • This webinar will include
  • An account of a real-life collaboration with an American author,
  • Varied literature projects (creative writing),
  • Online tools to study literature in depth,
  • Flipped lit resources.
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  • Date: 10. 09. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h [Central European Time Time]
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  • MARIE-HÉLÉNE FASQUEL is an ESL teacher, an ICT and teacher trainer. She is now teaching an American OIB Language and Literature course in Nantes.
  • She has taken part in the Innovative Teachers Forum for the last four years.  One of her latest projects was awarded an Innovation Prize at the UNESCO Innovation forum in 2013 and at the Barcelona Global Forum in March 2014.
  • She is a 2014 and 2015 Microsoft Expert Educator as well as an eTwinning ambassador.
  • She takes part in numerous colloquiums and webinars, including Cyberlangues, TESOL, LPM…
  • She is particularly interested in ICT and engaging methods of teaching.
  • She has written two books and is co-authoring three (Hatier and Ellipses).
  • Marie-Hélène’s current focus is on researching and implementing the flipped classroom to teach literature as well as engaging students through direct contact with authors. She has just launched a literature Facebook group:

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