Freitag, 18. September 2015

Free webinar with Imelda ELLIOTT: Formative assessment

Formative   assessment:   a   good   way   to   improve   student
learning and achievement

  • Enhancing retention with quizzes with or without feedback
  • Using  quizzes  and  crosswords  to  make  learning  and  revising
  • easier
  • Digital quizzes in the form of games as an exciting medium for
  • teaching and collaborative learning
  • How to use free web tools for polls
  • How to use free web tools for quizzes
  • How to use free web tools for gamified quizzes
  • How to create a crossword with a free programme
  • How to get marks from digital quizzes.
  • The easy way to inform pupils / students (and parents) by email of online activities
Monday, October 12th 2015 – 19:00h – 20:30h CET (Central European Time)

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Imelda  Elliott  is  a  professor  and  head  of  a school  of  modern languages. She taught English in secondary schools before doing her
PhD and becoming a university lecturer. As head of department, she has  been  involved  in  setting  up  a  languages  for  all  policy  at  her
university. She has always been interested in teaching and learning.

She  is  involved  in  language  teacher  education  as  the  head  of  a Masters  programme  on  teaching  English  and  as  joint  head  of  a Masters   Master   of   Arts   in   Language   Teaching   Management, Instructional Design and Technology.

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