Dienstag, 10. April 2018

Webinar: Smartphones are not the answer!? The grand edtech buzzword bingo

Smartphones are not the answer!? The grand edtech buzzword bingo
an overview of edtech myths & misconceptions (especially mobile learning) presenting hands-on toolkits taken from “Mind the App 2.0” for smartphones aficionados but also edtech critics who would like to explore the full potentials of smartphones without the bling-bling tech fuss.
- Which trends are promising?
- Which innovations are digital voodoo?
- What should a language teacher know?

Presenter: Dr. Thomas Strasser

Professor of language methodology and technology-enhanced learning and teaching and head of the department of Continuing Professional Development and Educational Cooperation at the University of Teacher Education Vienna. Language teacher, teacher trainer, ELT author, international speaker.
learning-reloaded.com | thomas.strasser@phwien.ac.at | @thomas_strasser

Host: Stephan Rinke

Deputy Director of VHS Essen www.edumorph.com  | @edumorph

29. 05. 2018 | 19:00h – 20:30h CEST    

Access Link: https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/smartphones/
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