Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

Why Camtasia is quite simply the best educational software ever!

FREE webinar with Russell Stannard: Why Camtasia is quite simply the best educational software ever!

- Guided tour of all the key features of Camtasia
- How to useCamtasia to blend learning, flip
  learning, create distance learning content
- How to combined it with real video and even
  include quizzes, hotspots, callouts and much much more

Russell Stannard is one of the biggest users of Camtasia on the internet.

www.teachertrainingvideos.com and www.multimediatrainingvideos.com
are packed with Camtasia content

02. 11. 2015 | 19:00h -20:30h CET
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Presenter: Russell Stannard /
Host: Tilly Harrison

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Find further free webinars for teachers of foreign languages at http://v.gd/webinars

Russell STANNARD is the founder of http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com.

It is a website that offers free training videos that help teachers incorporate ICT into their teaching and learning. It won the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Initiative in ICT’ and the British Council ‘Technology’ award. The site receives more than 300,000 visitors a year. Russell trains teachers in ICT all over the world and also runs on-line courses which are accessed by hundreds of teachers. Moodle is one of his areas of expertise. Russell teaches part-time at the University of Warwick and is a NILE associate trainer.

Russell STANNARD is perhaps one of the biggest users of Camtasia in education. His website www.teachertrainingvideos.com has hundreds of training videos and he has trained teachers in using Camtasia all over the world. This is a great opportunity to find out how Camtasia works but also to learn about some of the amazing ways the technology is being used around the world including Russell's own pioneering work on feedback with Camtasia. This is quite simply a session not to be missed if you are involved in education in anyway!!

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