Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Free webinar with Sandrine Pac-Kenny: Using apps for better oral proficiency

  • 14. 05. 2015 – 19:00h -20:30h CET
  • Host: Isabelle DUFRÊNE
  • You will need neither a username, nor a password.
  • Select the option “Enter as a guest” and enter IMPERATIVELY !!! your FULL !!! name into the box. (All attendees are “guests”).
  • SANDRINE PAC-KENNY is a French teacher in a secondary school in Wexford, Ireland since 1999.
  • Her interest are in languages, education and how ICT can help unite both.
  • Her school introduced iPads two years ago and Sandrine has been a journey of discovery since then. She is a contributor to
  • and shares her resources on
  • Have another look at my NEWSLETTER for teachers of foreign languages [EN, FR, ES, DE] with loads of info about Moodle, e-learning and mobile learning

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