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Webinar: StudentQuiz - Putting students into the Moodle driver's seat

StudentQuiz - Putting students into the Moodle driver's seat

Students like questions to help them prepare for exams. However, it's hard to provide enough questions for all the many self-assessments and exams. That's only one reason why the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil developed the Moodle plugin StudentQuiz. The plugin enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools within Moodle. Even if an individual student contributes a few questions only, a large cohort could easily build up an extensive question pool.

In StudentQuiz, students can filter questions into quizzes, and they can rate and comment on questions while working through the quizzes. StudentQuiz collects usage data for each question and ranks students based on their contribution and performance within the quizzes. A personal dashboard displays to each student his/her learning progress and compares this with the community. The created questions become part of the Moodle question bank and can be reused in other Moodle quizzes.

The presentation demonstrates the collaborative usage of StudentQuiz and shares practical experiences.

Prof. Frank Koch, Lecturer for Business Information Technology, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (FHO), University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (FHO)


Mary Cooch: MoodleFairy, Moodle Headquarters
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17.05.2018  | 19:00h - 20:30h CEST     

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