Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

#Webinar: It’s not about apps, it’s about ideas!

It’s not about apps, it’s about ideas!

Tablets and smartphones have the potential to transform teaching and learning in classrooms, creating new avenues for communication and collaboration. But it’s not about the apps. The true potential of mobile learning technologies lies in the features and options embedded in the devices themselves. In this Globinar, we will explore:
  •     straightforward, practical ideas using free platforms and tools
  •     learning sequences that promote creativity and collaboration
  •     interdisciplinary scenarios for various competency levels
05. 03. 2018 | 19:00h – 20:30h CET

Presenter: Alicia BANKHOFER

Host: Elke HÖFLER

Access Link: https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/aboutideas/

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Registration: http://lpm.lpm.uni-sb.de/Webinar/index.php

Other webinars: https://www.lpm.uni-sb.de/typo3/index.php?id=1258

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