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#WEBINAR: Fuel Engagement with Humour

E4.512-2667: Fuel Engagement with Humour
06. 03. 2017 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
Rita Zeinstejer / Host. Peggy George
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“Fuel Engagement with Humour”

Apart from the fun factor, humour can :
• be an effective way to engage students and activate learning
• allow the student to feel a part of the class and possibly contribute without losing face, feeling exposed or vulnerable
• be of particular importance in a communicative classroom, where the accent is on verbal authentic communication, participation and interaction.

 This webinar will intend to:
• dispel the myth that teachers must also be “comedians” to use humour in a language classroom successfully, with lots of examples and activities.
• emphasize the integration of humour to reduce tension, improve classroom climate, increase enjoyment, increase student-teacher rapport and even facilitate learning
• provide clear, practical examples of how and where to integrate humour into the classroom using different webtools.

• Presenter: Rita Zeinstejer
• Host: Peggy George

Monday March 6th 2017: 19:00h – 20:30h CET (Central European Time)
corresponds to: 18:00h – 19:30h UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
According to:

Registration: http://lpm.dzs.lpm/Webinar/index2.php

Access link:

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