Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016

Webinar: English Through Drama

E4.512-1967: English Through Drama
Susan Hillyard / Host: Laure Savourat & Isabelle Dufrêne
05. 12. 2016 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
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English Through Drama

This webinar is based on the Helbling Resourceful Series book: “English through Drama” (2016), authored by the speaker

- the emergence of a personal drama pedagogy for teaching
    languages -  developed over 40 years in 17 countries
- using drama as a learning medium
- the premise: drama is education and language teaching can be
  enhanced by the use of drama techniques
- the need to create a safe environment for oral fluency and fun in
  language teaching and learning
- a little basic theory
- lots of action covering classroom management, breathing, body,
   mime, voice and pronunciation exercises, plus language games for
   relaxation, concentration and fluency
- objective: teachers will leave with lots of practical ideas for trying
   out in their language classrooms.

Monday December 5th 2016 | 19:00h -20:30h CET

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Presenter: Susan Hillyard / Hosts: Isabelle Dufrêne / Laure Savourat


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Susan Hillyard has a B.Ed. degree from Warwick Univers
ity in UK. She has played  many roles in her long  career: Teacher, Head of Dept, Teacher Trainer, Conference Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Materials Writer, Researcher, On-line tutor and Webinar Presenter. She is former Coordinator of English in Action, training twenty teachers to teach English through Drama in Special Education, through blended learning. Presently she is founder and Director of SHELTA, Susan Hillyard’s English Language Teachers’ Academy. Her interests lie in Inclusion, Drama for ELT, Global Issues, World Englishes, Teacher Development and Trainer Training.




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