Donnerstag, 2. Juli 2015

LPM-Webinar Statistics: First 6 months in 2015

Entering the second half of 2015 is a suitable moment to take stock.

From the beginning of January to the end of June I organised exactly 27 Webinars, attended by 1.777 participants.

This amounts to an average of 65,81 !!! attendees per session

This figure does NOT include the respective presenters, guest moderators, nor myself..

Our Feedback-Padlet documents that the international audience was highly satisfied with the content offered.

Our statistics in detail

Our programme

This entices us to try and even improve that result in the remaining 6 months of 2015

In 2014 our 46 venues were frequented by 50 participants on average, if I count myself in, plus the speakers and occasional guest moderators.

Thanks to all attendees and all those who have contributed to making this possible !!!!

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  1. Das ist ja wunderbar! Gratulation und beste Wünsche für weitere erfolgreiche Webinare. Auf gute Zusammenarbeit!
    Liebe Grüße
    Elke Kolodzy