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FREE webinar with RUSSELL STANNARD: "Tools that Flip, Blend and Create Distance Learning Content"

FREE webinar with Russell Stannard: Tools that Flip, Blend and Create Distance Learning Content

- A focus on key tools that are simple to use and create immediate results
- Create content that you can use to blend, flip or make distance courses from
- These ideas and technologies can have a huge impact on your teaching and learning
- Your teaching and learning won't be the same after this session ( I hope!!-Russell)

June 22nd 2015 | 19:00h -20:30h CET

Time and date where YOU are


Host: “MoodleFairy” MARY COOCH

REGISTRATION: If it’s a first time registration, please send along the name of your school, university, institute, etc. to

Access link:

You will need neither a username, nor a password.

Select the option “Enter as a guest” and enter IMPERATIVELY your FULL !!! name into the box.

(All attendees are “guests”).

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RUSSELL STANNARD is the founder of

It is a website that offers free training videos that help teachers incorporate ICT into their teaching and learning.

It won the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Initiative in ICT’ and the British Council ‘Technology’ award.

The site receives more than 300,000 visitors a year.

Russell trains teachers in ICT all over the world and also runs on-line courses which are accessed by hundreds of teachers.

Russell teaches part-time at the University of Warwick and is a NILE associate trainer.


E4.123-0156: Flipped lit projects. Engaging literature students!
Marie-Hélène Fasquel
10. 09. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
access link:

E4.111-1545: Formative assessment and collaborative learning - interactive quizzes, exercises and gamification
Imelda Elliott / Host: Marie-Hélène Fasquel
12. 10. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
access link:

E4.111-1245: The Secrets of using Camtasia
Russell Stannard / Host: Tilly Harrison
dd. mm. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
access link:

E4.wxyz-wxyz: The Video Learning and Teaching Revolution
Rita Zeinstejer / Host: Peggy George
12. 11. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET
access link:

E4.527-0356: From Newbie to Near-Pro: Making the most of Moodle’s tools in a listening course
Henry Rademacher / Host: N. N.
23. 11. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h “Moodle Fairy” Mary Cooch
acces link:

E4.111-1445: Vocabulary tools in a digital world
Jo Gakonga / Host: Tilly Harrison
xx. yy. 2015 | 19:00h - 20:30h CET (will be postponed, but you can register)
access link:

FEEDBACK to our webinars:

Our webinars are developing into GLOBINARS :-)

On March 9th 2015 Russell Stannard's Webinar "Moodle for Language Teachers: Increasing Interactivity" (Recording) also hosted by MoodleFairy" Mary Cooch gathered 133 people in the virtual meeting room.

The post-conference documentation was even sent to 176 teachers, as some were unable to attend LIVE. There were participants and interested colleagues from 41 different countries:

Argentina - Australia - Austria - Bosnia - Herzegovina - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - France - Germany - Great Britain - Greece - Iceland - India - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Malaysia - Mexico - Namibia - Netherlands - New Zealand - Pakistan - Peru - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Romania - Russia - Saudi Arabia - Senegal - Serbia - Slovakia - Spain - Switzerland - Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - United States of America 

Last week there were teachers from 35 nations in Daniel Hernández Ruiz' conference for teachers of Spanisch as a foreign language "El uso de dispositivos móviles en el aula". 

Learn more about the SUCCESS of our GLOBINARS from this blogpost of one of the leading French ICT blogs T'enseignes-tu le FLE ? En route pour les globinaires (1/2)

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